Dear Cody

Dear Cody, Unless they directly impact you, most people are never quite sure how to appropriately react to a national tragedy. Even undefined ones like the kind you encountered. Posting to your followers is stale, mostly because if they are on social media, it's likely they are already aware of the disaster that has befallen … Continue reading Dear Cody

Dear HBO

Dear HBO, In the promo for Barry, your main character is giving me Dexter vibes. But I assure you, being a murderer and sporting an army green Henley is where the similarities for these two seem to end. The show looks weird (good weird), with the borderline zany premise of a hitman who develops aspirations … Continue reading Dear HBO

Dear Maggie

Dear Maggie, Jackson is not your brother. Yes, his mother is married to your biological father. So in that sense, I can understand how you (and others) have strong feelings about the potentially incestuous undertones of your relationship. You used the term “complicating factors” when describing why Jackson’s suggestion that you two get drinks wouldn’t … Continue reading Dear Maggie

Dear Betty

Dear Betty, You have the adorably pesky habit of always finding your way into someone else’s business. It’s pathological at this point. Ideally, you would direct your meddlesome energy to stop Archie from his new and weird relationship with the FBI agent who is so clearly not an actual agent for the government or any … Continue reading Dear Betty