Dear TV is a reflection of how I watch television. I attempted a different, TV-related endeavor before, but in addition to lacking a specific voice, it stopped being enjoyable and became a chore. I prefer to just watch my shows instead of having to intensely study them with Reddit-level attention to detail. Similar to most viewers, I’m opinionated about what I see, as well as connected to the characters. I figured it was time to bring those opinions to one place. You can check out my first post here for more detail.

Feel free to chime in if you feel how I feel or even if you adamantly, passionately disagree with me. Either way, I have always loved discussing television and can handle being completely off base with my opinions. However, you should be warned that my views also carry the conceit that comes along with being a therapist-in-training, and you know how horribly arrogant those people can be about the advice they give. So, you’ve been warned.